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Overview of pinyin4j

Pinyin4j is a popular Java library supporting convertion between Chinese characters and most popular Pinyin systems. The output format of pinyin could be customized.

Since the software, pinyin4j published till today, it has been downloaded by 55,000 times and still couting 200+ every week!  

Features coming on the way (v 3.0)

  • Pinyin output for a Chinese phrase, wihch involoves natural language segmentation. Hopefully ETA is within one and half months. ARE YOU SURE (:
  • IOC re-design to decouple database / algorithm dependencies.


  1. Convert Chinese (both Simplified and Tranditional) to most popular pinyin systems. Supporting pinyin system are listed below.
  2. Support multiple pronounciations of a single Chinese character. For example, taking the Chinese character '和' as input, you will get eight Hanyu Pinyin results (hé hè huó huò huo hāi he hú), depeding on different contexts.
  3. Multiple options for output format (details can be found here)
    • All uppercase or lowercase
    • Can output Unicode ü or v or u:
    • With tone numbers (lü3) or tone marks (lǚ) or without tone (lü)

 Latest Release

pinyin4j 2.5.0

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